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Condo Buying Guide

Condo Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Condo?

Condo Buying Guide! We’ll discuss various scenarios and provide expert recommendations based on factors like Property Type, Ownership Duration, Quantum


Does it have to be Freehold?

“Does it have to be freehold?” This is a common question buyers frequently ask. Find out the answer from Dennis & his team from Property Den.

when is leasehold 99 better Freeho

When is Leasehold 99 Better than Freehold?

Freehold is always perceived to be better than Leasehold 99. So, when is leasehold 99 better than freehold? Find out more at Property Den.


Worst Mistake When Buying Condo

What is the worst mistake when buying a condo? Avoid making this costly mistake by checking out this article when buying for investment.


How to Select the Best Condo Unit | Avoid Low Floor?

Planning to buy a condo? how to select the best condo unit? Should you avoid low floor and units with no views? Is 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom better?


Decoupling Versus 99-1 | Differences & Similarity

Decoupling versus 99-1 strategy. What is their differences? Save up to $100,000 from stamp duties when buying private properties. Find out more in this video.


What is a Winning Condo in Singapore?

What is a Winning Condo in Singapore? Join us as we share 4 key tips you can use to find the next condominium that will appreciate in value.


New Condo or Resale Condo – Avoid This Killer Mistake!

New condo or Resale condo? Find out their differences and decide which is better for you. Avoid this killer mistake when buying your next property


What is Decoupling | Save $100k with this Strategy

I’m sure many of you have heard of decoupling before, but do you know how it actually works? And why it can potentially help you to save up to $100,000

pledging showcash

Pledging or Show cash: Proven Methods to take Bigger loans | Overcoming TDSR

Found your dream home but fails TDSR? Let us share with you how to take a bigger loan, using the Pledging or Show-Cash method to buy your dream home