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Overlooked Factors When Buying a Condo 2

4 Must-Know but Overlooked Factors When Buying a Condo

This video will help you understand the top 4 must-know but commonly overlooked factors when buying a condo

condo location

How to Decide the Best Condo Location (4-Steps)

Deciding on your best condo location in Singapore is not easy, especially when you need to find a common ground with your spouse

Buy-Low-and-Sell-High Strategy

4 Buy Low, Sell High Strategy (Resale Condo)

Enter Low and Sell High? Below are 4 Buy Low, Sell High strategy for resale condo

Choose the Best Condo Unit

4 Tips to Choose the Best Condo Unit in a New Launch Showflat

Walking into a showflat may give you the jitters because you will be overwhelmed with information. Here are 4 useful tips to help you choose the best condo unit

Couples Planning to Buy Their Second Property

3 Tips for Couples Planning to Buy Their Second Property

This article contains 3 tips for couples planning to buy their second property for investment

Condo Strategy

4 Condo Strategy that may Backfire When Buying Property

Below are 4 popular condo strategy commonly used by investors. However, these strategy may backfire without property planning or guidance from professional

Resale Condo

Resale Condo Checklist: Review these 4 Items Before Buying an Older Condo

For buyers looking for a resale condo, review this condo checklist before putting up your offer

undervalued property

How to Spot an Undervalued Property (Condo)

You will need lots of effort and a little luck to spot an undervalued property. Below are 3 tips to help you spot one

condo negotiating tips

4 Effective Condo Negotiation Tips: Buying a Resale Condo

Searching for your dream home is never easy. After you have shortlisted your units, be sure to use these 4 condo negotiating tips to help you get the best deal

CPF accrued interest

What is CPF Accrued Interest? Who should use less CPF for property mortgage?

There are different views regarding the use of CPF for property mortgage because of CPF accrued interest. When is it better to use more CPF and when is it not?