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Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat

3 Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat

There are 3 things to look out for when visiting a showflat or new condo showroom because they may confuse you or affect your judgements

99-1 property ownership

99-1 Property Ownership for Bigger Loans & No ABSD

Have you heard of the 99-1 property ownership strategy and how it can potentially help you to save up to $100,000 and take a bigger bank loan?

buy property under child's nam

Buy Property under Child’s Name | No ABSD | Property Trust Explained

Buy property under child’s name with no ABSD? What are the risks and benefits? What is Property Trust? Is this a possible option for you? Learn More…


4 Key Points before Buying a Resale Condo

Regardless if you are a first-time condo buyer or a veteran buyer, these are 4 key points that you need to know before buying a resale condo. Find out more…


Does Age Affect Property Prices in Singapore

How does age affect property prices in Singapore? Let the experts share property investing tips and introduce the en-bloc strategy.


Near MRT & Top Primary School | Are they important when buying a condo?

Should you buy a condo near MRT & Top Primary Schools? Join us at Property Den as we assess the importance of location in your next property purchase.


Developer Reputation & District Zone | Does It Matter to Buyer?

Looking to purchase a condo? Discover if the developer reputation should be a consideration for your next property. Does district- CCR RCR OCR matters?


Top 3 Dirty Tricks by Property Agents

There are dirty tricks by property agents to get owners to sell their flats or attract buyers attention. Find out more so you won’t fall for it next time.

buy new launch condo

Why buy new launch condo when resale condo PSF is cheaper?

Why buy a new condo when the PSF of a resale property is lower? To answer this question, you first have to understand why the PSF of a resale condo is lower.


Why are New Condos Shrinking in Size?

Why are New condos shrinking in size? The simple answer is because the price per square foot (PSF) is getting higher. Find out more from our layout flashback…