How to Sell My House Fast with More Offers

How to sell my house fast with more offers? We’re going to share what we actually do when we go for a listing presentation with our seller. Proven 3 step method! Whether you’re a fellow agent, or whether you’re a seller looking to do it yourself, feel free to use this as a reference.

How to Sell My House Fast

When it comes to selling a property. The very first thing of course, is the pricing. Is pricing an art or a science? A lot of people have different school of thought. We will go through a three-steps method. And this is a sample report, which is divided into zone A, B & C.


๐Ÿ“Œ Zone A: Define the valuation range

These are 3 free online portals you can use:, Srx, Edge Prop. These 3 free online portals will give you a good price range. And it’ll be better if you add-in the bank quotations.

This is a sample from EdgeProp, where it shows a HDB valuation report.

Over here what we have is a real case study for a ground floor unit at The Scala, a 2 bedroom. As you can tell from the three different sources, the valuation actually varies very much. This is the reason why we don’t just take only one source. We take from 3 different sources.

For HDB valuation range, based on our experiences, it ranges between $5 to 30k. For condos, the range is wider: between $10 to 100k. This is especially true when you’re selling a patio or penthouse. Bank quotes are better reference because banks are lending you the money.


๐Ÿ“Œ Zone B: Check Out Competitors

Zone B is where we check our competitorsโ€™ pricing. For example, you have a 2-bedroom unit at Jewel @buangkok, we’ll look at all the two-bedroom listings in the market.

Difference between Zone A and B: We are trying to narrow down the price so that you will have a smaller range to consider.

For the 2-bedroom sizes at Jewel, there ranged between 721 to 786 sqft and the asking prices range from $980K to $1.15 million. Quite a big range. Just imagine, if you’re a buyer, you’ll be calling those units with better price advantage.

The key thing is not to be priced out of the market. For example, if you price at $1.15 million, the chance of you getting a call might be very slim. Remember? when we do a listing, we are not trying to sell the property online or through these property portals. We’re trying to get people to call us. no calls mean no viewings, no viewings mean no offers.

This is for Jewel, a condo. What about HDB? It is the same, we just have to rank the competitions. From top to bottom, which is your cheapest competitors and which is the highest-priced competitors. From experience, the cheapest unit will likely go first.


๐Ÿ“Œ Zone C: Recent similar transacted units

The objective of Zone C is to narrow down the price further. It is more specific because now you’re targeting units that are similar to your stack with the same layout. Let’s look at this case study at Riversound residence, Three-bedrooms.

If we have a unit to sell at this development, we will look out for recent transactions like: are there any recently sold units in the same stack but at higher or lower floor? Units with same facing? i.e., zoom into specific units

This is the sitemap for the Riversound residence. We will take note of units that share the same attributes like our unit. Depending on the attributes that our unit possess, we will plus-minus accordingly because units typically facing the West sun, they don’t fetch price, units facing the bin, we have to give a little bit of discount. It is a plus-minus game. It all depends on the unit attribute.

๐Ÿ“Œ Bonus Factors: Views, Fengshui (Vastu), Lucky Numbers

When it comes to pricing, there are also other bonus factors. e.g., Views. Everything can be quantified. If you have a unit with very nice Interior Design, it can be quantified.

But how do you quantify unblocked-views?  How do you quantify sea views?

if you like the sea view, it can be worth $100K more, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like the pool view, it might mean nothing to you.

Bonus factors include Fengshui or Vastu. If you see a unit that you like very much, and fengshui or vastu is good for you, you may be inclined to pay more for that unit, and also lucky numbers, because some unit numbers happen to be your lucky number for some reasons

I had a case where the buyer bought that unit without much bargaining. After the deal was concluded. I asked the buyer- โ€œhow come you didn’t bother to negotiate the prices?โ€ Then he shared with me, the unit number is the wife’s birth date.

When you meet such a buyer, you will have advantage during the price negotiation. But these are bonus factors! Factors that are beyond our control.

This is a case study-The Chuan Condo. It has very nice unblocked views. A 999yrs lease near to Lorong chuan MRT.

For step 1, we’ve identified the pricing and narrow it down to a smaller range in Zone C. So now let’s talk about marketing angles, which is step 2


๐Ÿ“Œ Step 2: Marketing Angles

At this stage, what we’re going to: Identify the selling points of the unit. To be more exact, every unit has a plus and minus factor. They have their selling point, as well as less ideal attributes

The key is to how to identify the marketing angles and avoid the less ideal attributes. These are the 4 examples we will go through one by one and show you the video marketing that we did for our sellers

๐Ÿ“Œ First Case Study: Rivervale Crest condo (D19) 3 Bedroom

Rivervale Crest is located in District 19 and one key selling point is the convenience because it has a side gate that is linked to Rivervale mall.

For Rivervale crest condo, being near a LRT could be good or bad, because most people will prefer MRT, but we highlight the fact that is near to LRT because we cannot change the fact.

The only less ideal attribute- the lease is 99 years from 1997. Pretty old! We have to emphasize the key selling points. Nice amenities! spacious and with this old school carpark. old school carpark means en bloc potential because it is not a space efficient design.

This is a 3D scan tour at the end of the video for interested buyers to take a closer look at unit interior. Basically, when they come over to the unit for the physical viewing, they already have an idea how that unit looks like.

๐Ÿ“Œ Second Case Study: 4-Room Tampines HDB.

The key selling point is near MRT, high floor, but less ideal attribute is that it’s actually a very old flat. In this video, we’ll highlight the high floor advantage

It’s about 300 meters walk to the nearest MRT, which is very convenient.

๐Ÿ“Œ Third Case Study: GardenVista Condo (D21) 3Bedroom

This is a district 21 condo. The key selling points: Private lift, minimalist interior. And it’s got pool views.

GardenVista is a 99-year development surrounded by freehold developments. So that’s one of the less ideal attributes.

๐Ÿ“Œ Fourth Case Study: RV Point 1+ S

For the last example, we have a unit at RV point. It’s a 1 + study unit, which is pretty small (462 sqft) and nothing much to show inside. So, we try to highlight the “external” factors i.e., District 9, River Valley, near to Robertson walk and its 999 tenure.


๐Ÿ“Œ Step 3: Decide on the marketing channels

After COVID, video marketing are becoming more important than ever before. We have to give every listinig the maximum exposure by making a video with a proper host

Publish videos in all social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In this new age digital world, selling a property is really beyond listing on portals like property guru and

From the bottom of the selling pyramid, you aim to get max exposure for your unit through listing portals and social media. And when there’s more exposure, they’ll be more calls for viewings. When there’s more viewings, then they’ll be more offers. The pyramid is a very simple funnel process: Max Exposure, Viewings, Offers.

๐Ÿ“Œ How to determine the maximum price for your property?

We will test the price in the market first because we have to see if the market can absorb this kind of price. Testing the prices is very important.

It’s quite common and understandable that the sellers want to sell the property at high price. Although we will go through zone A-B-C with sellers and show them this is the price X. But most of the time we know that sellers want to sell at higher price.

The simple solution is to test. Sometimes market can accept higher price but sometimes it cannot. When you test this price in the market, we have to give it the max exposure.

When we list a unit in market @ price X, we ‘re not trying to sell the unit online. We’re trying to get calls. If there are calls, then it is alright! If the calls or enquiries are not ideal, we will have to revise the price. We need the calls because they will lead to requests for viewings. When the viewing is done, we will follow up, regardless whether they give us an offer. This step is super crucial.

At the end of the day, selling a property is to get offers. No matter how well you do for your marketing, listing, or even the viewings, you must open your golden mouth to get offers.

This is very important because even if there’s no offer coming in, at least when you follow up, you understand why there’s no offers coming in, then you can maybe tweak the strategy.

Follow up to understand what’s good about your unit & what’s bad. This way we will ensure there’s a feedback mechanism and we can constantly improve after every viewing.

Two tips to get offers. Educate buyers about nearby future developments This is very important because from our experience, every buyer hopes to move in and maybe sell at a profit in five to 10-year time. They can be masterplan stories or can also be an upcoming new condo nearby. New condo will usually bring up nearby prices and that will be good for this resale condo that you’re selling.

The other way to get offers is, we ask the buyer: Do you have a problem for loans? if you have a problem for loans, maybe we can suggest to them methods like: pledging or show cash.

We did a video on this topic earlier. Basically, it is to help the buyers to secure higher loan if they’re interested in your property. This is a value-add service for buyers

We know there are many sellers out there, who have these burning questions, for example, should I sign an exclusive agent?  is 1% commission okay? is home staging necessary? can I DIY? we will answer all these questions in our next video.

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