Strata Landed Vs Non Strata I Freehold Landed or 99 I HDB Terrace


This is a follow up video for Belgravia Ace, Freehold Strata Landed, new launch review. Today we’ll be touching on 3 top landed questions. Before that, let’s do a quick review on the Singapore Landed Property market

strata landed vs non strata



0:00 Intro

0:18 SG Landed Overview

1:22 Strata-Landed Vs Non Strata (Q1)

5:25 Freehold Landed Vs 99 (Q2)

8:13 HDB Terrace House for $1m (Q3)

11:56 Conclusion


📌Singapore Landed Overview

For the past 15 years (1996-2021), Singapore the average per square foot (PSF) for lender properties has rose by about 169%. So, if you had bought anything for the past 15 years and if it’s a landed home, you have made a good profit. Congratulations!

Now let’s then let’s dive into a specific district for in this case it’d be district 28. That’s where Belgravia Ace is located. For Seletar area (D28), the average prices (PSF) have rose by about 142%, which is  very close to the national average

singapore landed prices

📌Q1: Strata-Landed Vs Non Strata

Strata landed is also known as Cluster House or Town House. Strata landed is basically a hybrid between a conventional landed property and a condominium, with communal facilities. Generally speaking, Strata landed is often 30% cheaper than her “conventional” landed counterpart.

[Strata Landed]

  • Technically u own the strata airspace
  • U do not own the rights to the land.
  • U cannot then tear down the house
strata landed house definition

[Conventional Landed-with title deed]

  1. You have your own Title Deed
  2. You own the land that your home actually sits on.
  3. You can seek approval to tear down the home, and rebuild

📌 Q2: Freehold Landed Vs 99yrs Landed

Leasehold 99 years landed (Vs FH) will always perform worse in long run. This is because the reality of returning land to government at end of lease is high

A case in point: In June 2021, a total of 191 landed units at Geylang Lorong 3 were returned to the State at end of their 60 years lease. This is the first time that a residential plot of land had reached the end of her lease and was returned to the government.

geylang landed lease expire

The next plot of landed residential land that is slated to be returned to the government are the 70-years-leasehold private houses in Jalan Chempaka Kuning & Puteh near Tanah Merah MRT (lease expire in 2034).

📌 Q3: HDB Terrace House for $1m

HDB terrace houses were built in the 1950s by Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT). SIT is the predecessor of HDB.

There are a total 285 HDB terrace houses in 2 Areas

(1) Whampoa Area (lease from 1968)

(2) Queenstown (lease from 1972)

HDB terrace house

The unique characteristics about these HDB terrace houses are:

  1. No private carparks
  2. Common block number (similar to HDB)
  3. Located in Mature estates
  4. Like Landed house with private backyard or garden

Who are the potential buyers for these old HDB terrace houses?

  1. Attract owner occupiers who needs space (lifestyle)
  2. No budget for a private terrace house
  3. 2021 transacted price: $900K to $1.2xM
  4. Buyers – Retirees, Down-graders from larger private home
  5. More suited for own stay than as an investment

📌 Conclusion

If you classify HDB terrace house as a HDB flat, the prices will seem to be high. However, if you compare her to the 99 years leasehold landed properties, it seems to be very affordable. That is the irony!

All in all, my personal take is that: freehold landed is the best, followed by freehold strata landed and then 99 years landed. However if budget constraint is a challenge and you aspire to experience landed living, then maybe a HDB terrace house which is around the $1 million range could be an option for you.

If you’re thinking of selling your HDB terrace house, or invest in a landed property, feel free to give us a call at 98285808 and we’ll be most pleased to advise you with no obligations

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