3 Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat

Things to look out for When Visiting a New Condo Showflat

This is a follow-up on our last article “How to choose the Best Condo Unit in a New Launch Showroom (4 Tips)”. There are 3 things to look out for when visiting a showflat or new condo showroom, because they may confuse you or affect your judgements


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  • Look at the Floor Plan
  • ID, Furniture & Mirrors not Included
  • Windows, AC Ledge & Balcony


📌1. Look at the Floor Plan

Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat
  • Take a look at the floorplan displayed outside before you enter the show flat unit.
  • This floor plan is devoid of colours
  • Spend 2-3 minutes on this black and white drawing and you will have a better appreciation of the layout without the “colourful noises”
  • For safety reasons, all the kitchen doors, bedroom doors etc are removed in every showroom.
  • Some walls may have been hacked for Interior Design (ID) purposes.
  • However, the law will require all hacked areas to be marked out clearly for buyers.
  • You will need to visualize the space with all the reinstated doors and walls.
  • This is imperative for smaller bedroom types

📌2. ID, Furniture & Mirrors not Included

  • You will see a lot of nice ID and designer furniture, especially in high end showrooms.
  • Many ID designs and the furniture are not included as part of the sale (ask when in doubt).
  • Look out for mirrors as well as mini furniture that are shrunk to make the space look bigger.
  • Once again, you will need to imagine the entire show flat without the frills.
Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat

📌3. About Windows, AC Ledge & Balcony

  • There will be many different layouts in each development.
  • Developers can only build selected model types in the showroom due to limited space.
  • The layout in the showroom, which you viewed, may not be 100% similar as the unit type you wanted
  • Therefore, it is important to ask the following questions based on the unit type you have selected:
  1. Is there a window in the kitchen?
  2. Are there windows in all the toilets?
  3. What is the size of the balcony?
  4. What is the size of the Aircon (AC) Ledge?
  • Besides, windows, remember to ask about the AC ledge and balcony
  • Balcony is considered semi-open space and AC ledge is a non-enclosed space (usually not accessible)
  • Both are considered less-usable spaces but they are sold to buyers and as part of the unit’s gross floor area.
Things to look out for When Visiting a Showflat

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