Buying Your First Private Property before 35 years of Age

Buying a private property will involve more complex questions than when buying a HDB flat because there are more financing and holding options for buyers. This article will touch on 3 useful points for those who are buying their first private property before they turn 35 years old.


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  • How Much Downpayment Do You Need?
  • What is Your Objective?
  • Have an Exit Strategy?


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   📌 1. How Much Down Payment Do You Need?

  • For private properties, you will need minimum 5% cash.
  • The remaining 20% can be covered by CPF and 75% from bank loans.
  • If your income falls shorts of the required amount for the 75% bank loan, you may consider using pledging or show cash methods.
  • When you buy before 35, you can take the maximum 30 years loan tenure as allowed by law.
  • See my article “Everything about Income Requirements & Loans for Your 1st Condo” for more details.
  • The very first step is to get your In-Principle-Approval (IPA) done with a bank to determine what is your maximum loan allowed.
  • This loan amount will then answer your questions; How much cash do you need to come out with? What is the price range of the property that you should be looking at?
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📌 2. What is Your Objective?

  • What is your objective in buying?
  • If you are buying to stay yourself or with your spouse, I will suggest at least a 2 Bedroom unit.
  • Everyone is looking for more space in this post-covid era in Singapore.
  • Work-from-Home or Home Based-Learning trends will remain. 
  • A 2 bedroom will attract both investors and families buying for own use when you sell later.
  • When buying as investment, be aware of undue influence from parents when making your final decisions. 
  • Our aged parents are used to bigger spaces and tend to prefer enclosed kitchens and utility rooms.
  • If you are not staying there, why do you need a big space?
  • If you intend to lease this investment property, what your tenants like maybe more important than what you and your parents like.
  • This challenge is real if you are looking to your parents for partial financial support.
  • Investment is all about entering at the lowest possible point.
  • For example, go for 2 bed 1 bath unit which will save you at least $100k for one-less toilet as compared to a 2 bed 2 bath unit
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📌 3. Have an Exit Strategy

  • The most important question in any exit plan is: how long do you intend to hold this property?
  • If you are buying as investment and want a shorter holding period (e.g., 3-5 years), new launch condos or newer condos may be a better choice.
  • You can buy a brand new 99-years condo and sell within 5 -10 years.
  • Newer condo tend to have better capital appreciation.
  • Lease decay is not a problem when the condo is below 10 years.
  • Unlike HDB flats, there is no minimum occupation period for condo
  • You can sell it after 3 years without incurring sellers’ stamp duties.
  • If you intend to stay in the property for a longer period (e.g., >10 years), I will suggest a freehold property so as not to face any problems with regards to lease decay.
  • Alternatively, you can look for an older 99 years condo.
  • These condos will be more spacious and affordable with greater en bloc potential.
  • After you have found an ideal resale condo, be sure to check out my article “Buying a Resale Condo: 4 Powerful Negotiation Tips” before putting up any offer
first private property

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Dennis has more than a decade of experience investing in real estate. Like many fellow Singaporeans, he grew up in a HDB flat with dreams to live in a condominium. Through careful financial planning & hardwork, this became a reality when he was 30. He now owns 3 private properties in Singapore and has helped hundreds of Singaporeans to achieve their goal of upgrading their homes in land-scarce Singapore.

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