Bartley Vue Review

Top Buyer Concerns, Masterplan & Exit Plan

Bartley Vue Review: Top Buyer Concerns, Masterplan & Exit Plan

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πŸ“ŒTop Buyer Concerns for Bartley Vue

  • This is a small project. Is it worth buying?
  • Who is going to buy my project in the future?
  • What is your exit plan?

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue Location

Hi guys, today we are doing a review on Bartley Vue. So where is it?

For those who are not familiar with where Bartley Vue is, it’s located in what is known as the RCR or the Rest of Central Region. So as you can see from the slide over here, it is just right at the edge of the RCR.

Bartley Vue Location: Edge of the Rest of Central Region (RCR)
Bartley Vue is located at the city fringes

πŸ“Œ Near to MRT stations and a good school

Like what the project name suggests, it is five minutes walk to Bartley MRT station. It is also near Maris Stella Primary, a famous Primary school. As you can see from the left-hand side of the slide. It is also close to where Serangoon MRT and Woodleigh MRT is. Work has begun for Bartley Vue.

Bartley Vue Location: Near Bartley MRT
Bartley Vue is located near to Bartley MRT

πŸ“Œ 3 Future Developments Affecting Future Prices

A lot of buyers are always concerned if they buy this project, will they make money in the future. So we shortlisted three future developments that will affect the future price around the areas.

The three developments will be Bidadari estate, Defu industrial estate and Paya Lebar Airbase.

Future Developments near Bartley Vue
Future Developments near Bartley Vue

πŸ“Œ Bidadari Estate

As you guys know, Bidadari estate is an upcoming BTO estate. The potential is yet to be realised because the houses are built in batches.

There’s going to be a road to ease the traffic of the Bidadari estate. So you can go from one end to the other end in a shorter time. And as you can see from the slide, Bartley Vue is about two kilometres away from the Bidadari estate.

Bidadari Estate
Bidadari Estate Developments

πŸ“Œ Defu Industrial Estate

Defu industrial estate is going to be a future industrial estate that’s built around Paya Lebar airbase. it’s built at the corner around Paya Lebar airbase. This will bring future growth and opportunities. With more work, there will be more jobs and that brings in more tenants. That’s what you as a landlord will want.

Defu Industrial Estate Developments

πŸ“Œ Paya Lebar Airbase

The third development we are going to speak about is the Paya Lebar airbase. This has been announced some years ago. The removal will commence from 2030 onwards. This will come with a lot of housing opportunities there are plans being drafted out for the future of Paya Lebar airbase.

This Bartley Vue project is about five minutes drive away from Paya Lebar airbase. This will be the biggest transformation in the northeastern part of Singapore.

Paya Lebar Airbase will be redeveloped in 2030

All these are future developments. So that means that when all these are done, it’ll likely bring more buzz and more vibrancy to the area.

πŸ“Œ Existing Amenities near Bartley Vue

Other than these few master plans. We also want to talk about what are the existing amenities. So we have things like Serangoon station. Bartley Mrt is one MRT station away from Serangoon MRT and we are three stops away from Paya Lebar MRT, a regional centre for the future.

People have this misconception that there are no existing residential plots near Bartley Vue. But you’d be surprised. As you can see from the slide over here, that green patch of grass is actually zoned as residential. That mini forested area is near to Tai Keng gardens.

Future Residential Plots near Bartley Vue

So if you look on the left side of the slide, it is a green patch. On the right-hand side, it is the URA master plan. It has been zoned for residential plots in future with education as well.

What this means for you is that with more future lands to be sold, there’ll be a potential price increase in future.

If you just look at the red arrow, there’s where the residential plot is at. This is an aerial view from Bartley Vue.

Aerial View of Bartley Vue

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue: Top Selling Points and Concerns

We’ve come to the part where we are going to tell you about the top-selling points of Bartley Vue, as well as buyer concerns.

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue #1 Selling Point: Near MRT Station

What is the number one selling point?

Near to Bartley MRT Station

Bartley Vue is only five minutes away from Bartley MRT. Pretty convenient and these are the rental yields or rental for the nearby condos that have TOP.

There are actually three projects within the vicinity. We have Bartley Residences. As you can tell, the rental range is listed over here. Pretty attractive. This is all because it is near the MRT.

Rental Prices for Bartley Residences

So next is Bartley Ridge. This project is one year newer than Bartley Residences. The rental rate is really similar.

Rental Prices for Bartley Ridge

A newer one will be the Botanique at Bartley. This is the newest. A two-bedroom unit will fetch higher because it is new.

Rental Prices for Bontanique

So you can expect that the rental yield for Bartley Vue will be quite similar to this range.

Normally a new condo will attract more tenants because it is new. So you can use Botanique at Bartley as a guide or add $100-200 more.

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue #2 Selling Point: Near to good schools

Schools near Bartley Vue

Selling point number 2, school factor. This is the number one reason for a lot of parents. Bartley Vue is within one kilometre from Maris Stella High School and within 2km from Cedar Primary School.

Yeah, so even Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School (PLMGS) is also around the area itself. So for those young parents or to-be parents who are not familiar with the primary school ranking, this is an extract from Smile Tutor’s blog.

Top 5 Criteria for Primary School Ranking

So what are the top-ranking criteria for good primary schools? they listed five criteria: popularity in a P1 registration and is it under GEP or SAP program. Maris Stella is under the SAP program.

In terms of popularity, it is quite popular among parents. So rest assured parents, Maris Stella is a very good school, I came across this article from property guru, he mentioned why parents take all the pains to move closer to a good school.

Why parents move nearer to good schools?

Top two reasons: first to give the children a head start.

On the left-hand side of this article, it mentioned that yes, I want to give my child access to a strong network, basically a good headstart. on the right, which is a more practical approach. Yes, I want conveniences, and to reduce my travelling time for my kids.

As a parent with young kids, I can concur with that.

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue: Top Buyer Concerns

We have mentioned the selling points. Let us now talk about the concerns. Probably the biggest concern that most buyers have is that it is a small Development. any Growth potential or not? It is a small project. Is it worth buying or not?

πŸ“Œ Top Concern #1: Small Project

Personally, I always prefer bigger projects. Why? between big and small, I felt that bigger projects will have more popularity. More people will know about this project because it is big.

Second, big condos will have more facilities. So these are attributes that we cannot control. What is big? Anything above four hundred or five hundred units will be perceived as big. the very small ones will be those under 100 units.

Bartley Vue belongs to a smaller project. There are only 115 units, as you can see from the site plan, there are not many facilities. But they do have views over here. nice views.

Site Plan of Bartley Vue

So to be honest, this is not a big project. So for buyers who prefer projects with big facilities, this might not be for you. Yes. But if you are someone who likes quiet and serenity, and you don’t want too many neighbours, then this is one of the biggest advantages of a small development, it is always suitable for people who want privacy. And who want fewer neighbors.

πŸ“Œ Top Concern #2: Developer Reputation

Who is the developer in this development? For Bartley Vue, the developer is actually Singapore public listed firm called Wee Hur, not as well known as the big boys like CDL or capital land, but they are local boys. And they have done three projects before. As you can see from the screen itself.

Wee Hur Holdings’ Previous Projects

Does developer reputation matter? We have an earlier video on this topic, Does Developer Reputation Matter to You? So look at the screen, have a look when you are free. So there’s no wrong or right. So for those people who are fans of big boys, who wants more assurance from bigger, stronger developers, then go for it, what is your exit plan?

πŸ“Œ Who is going to buy my project in the future?

Now this is where we have to touch on where your potential buyers are going to be? So around the area. And as I mentioned earlier in the video, there is Bidadari estate and the upcoming new ones in Kallang and Whampoa.

High demand in nearby HDB estates

All these estates are wildly oversubscribed, and these upgraders will become your pool of buyers. That’s correct, yes, because naturally, they will be inclined to look for something near to where their existing HDBs.

As you know, this is an exit strategy because there’ll be demand from the HDB upgraders. demand from investors who want a strong location, and also for families who want to go to a popular school as mentioned earlier in the video. And ultimately for buyers who are looking for their own space in that particular location.

A lot of buyers will ask: they will want to compare nearby condos. So we did a quick shortlist of what are the nearby condos. So the criteria chosen was within five hundred meters from Bartley MRT and the T.O.P. within 10 years.

New & Resale Condos near Bartley Vue

The Lilium and The Gazania are what we call uncompleted projects. The other four at the bottom, starting from Botanique at Bartley, all the way to Bartley residences are considered resale condos.

So for those viewers who want to view Bartley Vue, feel free to give us a call at the number below. But for those who are not familiar with the place, give us a call. We can even bring you to the nearby projects like the new projects, The Lilium and The Gazania.

We can help to compare the resale projects nearby for you. After this one to one consultation, you can decide: is a new launch or resale better for you. There’s no one size fits all. So just give us a call and we’ll be able to better assist you.

πŸ“Œ Bartley Vue Prices

Prices! A million-dollar question. The estimate for this breakeven price will be about $1500 psf.

Bartley Vue Land Prices

Yes, we did an indicative price matrix. In the yellow column, these are the prices released by the developer. So two-bedroom will be from $1.2xx million, three-bedroom will be $1.6xx million. The top green part is the estimated price range.

Indicative Price Matrix for Bartley Vue

if you wish to see the show flat just feel free to make an appointment with me or Dennis. We look forward to seeing you and we cannot wait to share more about Bartley Vue with all of you because we’re dealing directly with developers, so you enjoy direct developer prices.

Yes, as the buyer, you will pay no commission. We can even show you the resale condos nearby.

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